Stop Spending Money on Online Courses — Here’s Why

Online Courses

We know that many conventional things turn into modern things. It happens to courses too.

Many online courses now offer many benefits to people. It can make our life easier to learn something actually.

But as a person that buys many online courses, I want you to know about the mistakes that I made.

These mistakes I wish I knew before I buy a course again.

What’s that?

Here we go.

Too early to buy a course

I often buy a course with emotions. I’m not thinking clearly before I buy a course. I do not consider many things that are actually really important to me.

If you want to buy a course, just take a break to think again about that course. Is that a course that you really need? Is that course will change your life?

You have to think the benefit, the time to learn knowledge with that course and etc. It’s just waste your time if you buy it and you never touch it. That’s very unfortunate.

Start asking many questions to yourself. Don’t rush to buy a course. Take a break to think again. And considered the important thing before you buy it.

Priority first

My next mistake is I don’t really consider my priority. Priority is important to deciding if you buy a course or not.

If that course just wastes your money and you don’t take a time to learn something inside that course, just forget it.

You are just wasting your money on that course if the course is not your priority. Make sure the course that you want to buy it is your priority.

Don’t buy if you don’t really need

If this course still relates to your interest, be careful. Sometimes this is for an expert. And you’re not capable of that course.

Or if you can learn from YouTube, articles, or free resources on the internet, don’t buy it. Use the free resources first. And it will save your money too.

Use free resources as much as you can. It can help you to be independent on learn something.

And just discovered yourself what you really need. If you don’t really need that course, just stop buying it. Or you will regret it after you buy it.

Too many courses

If now you have a lot of courses that you don’t finish, forget to buy a course again.

Why do you buy it but you don’t learn from it. You have another course that you must finish. If you buy courses again, you never finish the course that you buy before.

That’s why very important to ask yourself what you really need before you buy a course. It will help you to figure out the important thing in your life.

Final thought

Sometimes you get into the trap to buy courses again and again. You have to consider that this is not good for you.

So, are you still want to buy a course again?



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