This Is Why You Should Get Out of School or College Now

In this day, many people still want to get into high school or college. It’s still like a commodity in our society.

The majority of people think it’s a good thing. This is a good idea where their children go into school and graduate from it.

But I want you to think again about this perspective.

There are a couple of things that you have to know about school. The other side of the coin about school.

These are the reasons why you should get out of school or college. Based on my experienced and the phenomenon around me.

Here we go.

School is built for workers

Yes, a worker that’s submissive with rules. They don’t build schools for thinkers that can disrupt the world. They just want you to fear thinking out of the box.

There are many boundaries that you can’t cross from it. Many limitations that prevent you from breaking the rules.

That’s what the workers look like.

School doesn’t teach practical knowledge

Schools usually used the knowledge that has been broken. They don’t teach practical knowledge in school.

The gap between what’s learned in school and the implemented in life is too high.

And that’s why you should leave school if you really care about practical knowledge.

School doesn’t teach you how to manage your money

We often use money in our life. But we were never taught how to manage it.

Many people wonder why their money runs out so fast. They don’t know why. Because they were never taught about how to manage money in school.

We need to be educated to manage our money. This is very very important to our life.

If you can educate yourself, don’t go to school

This era is full of information. You can search anything just with your finger. Never ever have we lived in an easy era like this.

This is why don’t go to school if you can educate yourself with this convenience.

If you want to learn some stuff, you can learn it from YouTube or online courses. Or you can get it easily by typing on Google.

School doesn’t teach you to face life

School never helps you in life. Many people struggle after they graduate from high school or college because they were never taught how to face their life properly.

In school, we are predictable. We know what we’re going through. The path is clear.

But it’s different from life. Life is unpredictable. Life is wild. Nobody knows the future. And this is the mistake that school never taught about.

School make you in debt

The last one, school just puts you in debt. You spend thousands of dollars for school or college but you have low feedback for this.

If you really want to learn and get high feedback, just take a course or certification and start to make a living from it.

Regardless of whether you’re pro-school or against it, I just want to share with you my perspective about school from my experiences and what I learned from the people around me.

If you have your own perspective just let me know in the comment. Maybe you have different thoughts about it.

Thank you for reading!



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Alhady R Majid

Alhady R Majid

Content Creator | Writer | Entrepreneur